Malmedy Survivors vs. Hiroo HonodaEdit


Close-Hiroo Onoda. The Type 30 Bayonet will get this more it's greater length over the M1 Bayonet.

Mid-Even. Like Wass and J80 have said, it is even because of the swift attacks it can be useful for, and being light and fast, which counters the Shin Gunto's longer blade.

Long-Malmedy Surviviors. The M1911 Pistol gets this for it's greater bullet, power, and muzzle velocity.

X-Factors: MS/HO

84 Logistics 80

83 Stealth 92

85 Experience 93

85 Endurance 80

82 Fatigue 77 (The lower the better)

82 CUF 83

85 Discipline 90

WINNERS-THE MALMEDY SURVIVORS! The Survivor's superior handgun and logistics as well as a good blade will get them the win